A local holiday destination for your dog - a home from home, for a day, or a holiday

About Cazzies Canine Care

Cazzie’s Canine Care is a small independently family run business catering for the young and old. We feel that caring for a small number of dogs guarantees lots of individual attention for your dog and promotes a firmer relationship between us and them.

Dogs are generally social animals who enjoy each others company, many dogs come from one dog homes and may not get the time to socialise. Bringing them to Cazzie’s Canine Care will give your dog the chance to meet other dogs with the same temperament to make friends, play and have fun in a safe environment. A socialised dog makes for a well rounded happy dog who you can take anywhere.

We are fully insured and currently look after a variety of breeds. With years of experience and a great breadth of knowledge, why not make Cazzie’s Canine Care your local doggie day care?

All dogs must be trained, socialised, and get on with children.